No To My Taste (2019), exhibition at Harlesden High Street Gallery with DANK Collective and AVD
Exhibition includes: interactive live-stream, photo booth, painting, performance, prints, sculpture, and video
Materials: acrylic paint, chroma key green fabric, cotton fabric, duct tape, foam shrimps, food colouring, gloss paint, inkjet prints, leather sofa, LED strip lights, MDF, ModRoc, perspex, plastic bottles, plastic bowl, plastic chain, off brand Wotsits, polymer clay, printer, PVC, raspberry pi, self-adhesive prints, silk inkjet prints, Skips, spray paint, steel, television monitors, wall mounted soap dispenser, water, watercolour paint, wood 
Dimensions variable
No To My Taste press release
Interactive live stream: Prawn Boy
Interactive live stream: Nugget Lord
Interactive live stream: Dead Boy The Kid
Interactive live stream: Worm Person